Our Services

Impact Heritage exists to help you make your archive more accessible to your community and the nation

Training Staff & Volunteers

Staff and volunteers are the people on the ground and are essential resources for any archive. We can help you to work out what support you need and then tailor training to maximise its impact.

Quality Conservation Work

Between us, we have over 45 years of conservation experience. All the directors are accredited members of Icon, the leading professional organisation for Heritage Conservation in the UK.

Funding & Support

Impact Heritage can help you to find the right funding for your projects, support your applications and give you the expertise you need.


Services & Costs

The needs of every collection and related communities will be different. However, in order to bring an understanding of what we can do for a project and what the benchmark costs may be, they are listed in our Cost Menu.pdf, below.

Initial surveys are necessary in order to get the project underway. The survey itself could range from a morning visit and an afternoon to write-up a report to a five-day item by item survey with complete condition assessments, treatment, housing and action proposals. After a survey and report have been produced, the various services would become part of the agreed project plan according to the needs of the collection and the aims and requirements of the community. The services may overlap and a large project may need additional resources to achieve the project aims, whilst others only require a fraction of what is offered for their project to be successful.

An important aspect of the report we offer is that it will be of sufficient detail and show enough evidence to enable communities to apply for micro-grants from funding institutions.