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Our Services

Impact Heritage exists to help you make your archive more accessible to your community and the wider public.
We work with collections large and small providing practical conservation treatments, preservation advice and collection management, surveys and training.
We also provide outreach working alongside other creative industries such as videography and creative writing practitioners.

What We Do

We offer collection care expertise, practical conservation and training for you and your volunteers. Our aim is to give you the skills to care for your collections in the future, whether for access, display or education, creating a skills base within your community or organisation.

We specialise in assessments through physical treatments to safe use, display and storage, as well as making heritage
and conservation of heritage more accessible to all.

Conservation Videos

Take a closer look at how books are repaired by expert conservators. We are always happy to share how conservation works and what can be done with your collection.

The following videos were all made in collaboration with ACAP media from footage shot throughout the conservation of 9 books from the Charterhouse Museum Archive. They were part of the Curious Cabinet Project, funded by Arts Council. The books were conserved by Samantha Hare in the Codex Conservation workshop in London.

Ian training Beth_edited.jpg

Training Staff & Volunteers

Staff and volunteers are the people on the ground and are essential resources for any archive. We can help you to work out what support you need and then tailor training to maximise its impact.

Quality Conservation Work

Between us, we have over 45 years of conservation experience. All the directors are accredited members of Icon, the leading professional organisation for Heritage Conservation in the UK.

Funding & Support

Impact Heritage can help you to find the right funding for your projects, support your applications and give you the expertise you need.

Uniting Communities & Heritage

Contact us for more information on how to safeguard your collections for your community.

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