Ruth Stevens ACR

Talking About Collaborative Working Whilst Setting Up Impact Heritage CIC

Our aim is to work with  all types of community collections and their passionate volunteers, helping them to get the best use out of their own collections.  We want to spread the word about how amazing conservation can be.


Ian Watson ACR

Setting up a CIC in a Global Pandemic

This is Ian, talking about the Evolution of Impact Heritage.  He is talking about how we came together with the aim of increasing diversity within the heritage sector.


We believe that archive collections, big and small, are the very stuff that communities are made of. 

We are a team of professional conservators who want to help all kinds of communities to care for
their collections and access the resources they need. 

Have you got an archive that needs help?

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Working with Community Archives

Impact Heritage CIC is a community interest company. We are three accredited library and archives conservators, with a combined experience of working in the heritage sector of over 45 years. 

Our goal is to support all kinds of diverse communities with written, drawn and printed heritage collections at risk of loss or damage. 

We will help you to acquire the skills, knowledge and resources to care for your treasures and archives by helping you to access funding and support.


What We Do

We offer collection care expertise, practical conservation and training for you and your volunteers. Our aim is to give you the skills to care for your collections in the future, whether for access, display or education, creating a skills base within your community or organisation.

We specialise in assessments through physical treatments to safe use, display and storage, as well as making heritage
and conservation of heritage more accessible to all.

For more information see our Services page.

Uniting Communities & Heritage

Contact us for more information on how to safeguard your collections for your community.

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