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The Cornish Diaries

We completed the Cornish Diaries Conservation Project on time and on budget - delivering them safe and sound to Kresen Kernow (National Archive of Cornwall) in August 2023. They are now available for anyone to see in person. 

Eleanor and Melissa gave a presentation to a large group of volunteers and friends of the project explaining all the detailed work involved in conserving these precious albums. 

Well done to everyone who helped, from the couriers to the fundraisers and volunteers who gave their precious time to keep the project alive. Thanks also to our funders - The National Manuscript Conservation Trust, we are so grateful for their generosity. 


The Curious Cabinet Project - Working with the Charterhouse Museum

We have now finished working on an Arts Council funded project with the Charterhouse Museum. The last few months have seen enormous changes in the collection of prayer books and Bibles that we have been working on. Every book has been assessed, cleaned and boxed and the whole space cleaned up and readied for the future. We have worked alongside staff, residents and volunteers in the community events and sparked some amazing inspiration in the Creative Writes online workshops and visits. Some of the worst damaged books were treated in the Codex Conservation workshop in London. Sam has made some videos with ACAP Media about their conservation journey. These are available in the "services" sections.

Follow our work on @CICImpact & impactheritagecic on Instagram

Community Outreach Event

Meet Sam, Ann-Marie, Gabby, Nichola & Jack and some of the other incredible people that we have been working with. What an great team!

Jo Poland

Talks about finding the
John James Morris Diaries

Out on a walk one day our heroine Jo makes an important find.
These diaries cover 68 years of Cornish life written by one man -
John James Morris.
We have helped Jo and the volunteer team to apply for a grant from the National Manuscript Conservation Trust to preserve these journals for all to enjoy.

We believe that archive collections, big and small, are the very stuff that communities are made of. 

We are a team of professional conservators who want to help all kinds of communities to care for their collections and access the resources they need. 

Have you got an archive that needs help?


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